16b Colmore Row

16b Colmore Row


GupShup means to have a catch-up, a gossip or just enjoying a good time with your friends and family. And that’s the whole reason for our food. When people get together, they get talking, share ideas, have a laugh and get things done.

Our bold flavours and our fresh ingredients will get the conversation started. So forget your soggy machine-made sandwiches, and do your tastebuds a favour. Go for a freshly made, hand-cut GupShup sando.


What’s a GupShup Sando?

We are inspired by the Japanese Shokupan bread. Shokupan is very soft, tender and delicious, it simply melts in your mouth. So not only is it less stodgy than traditional bread but it also puts our fillings as the hero of your meal. You will taste every ingredient and savour every mouthful. Our GupShup Sandos aren’t just sandwiches they are nutritious meals.

Our flavours are a fusion of what you love and know with a global twist. We cater for speciality diets, including HMC certified tasty mouthfuls, hyped vegetarian classics and

off-the-hook fishy delights.


Make lunch, a GupShup lunch.

Tel: 07874 717829
Email: feedme@gup-shup.co.uk
Website: www.gup-shup.co.uk